Monday, October 24, 2011

Slow and Steady...SUCKS!

Today I hit the 3-week mark on Weight Watchers and have five less pounds to show for it!  I have to say, things have been really good.  I'm not hungry, feel satisfied and have a lot more energy.

But, five pounds, really?!?  I swear, a few years ago, I could take five pounds off just by thinking about eating healthier.  I've been following the program to a tee and just barely dipping into my bonus "points" for the week.  I even worked out twice last week.   (Yes, that says two times...c'mon that's two more times than the week before!) 

Awesome.  Slow as sin weight loss...another reason that getting older sucks.  But, I'm not giving up.  I love the advice I got from a co-worker.  I can lose weight now or wait and do it later.  But, no matter what, the quest will always be there and get harder and harder with time.  I love that.  Also, I used to associate diets with never ever getting to eat the food I love again.  It struck me that as with the weight, the food too, will always be there.  I can say no now, knowing that if I can get down to a weight comfortable for me, I can treat myself every so often.   

It's been interesting, being so open and vocal about such a personal topic, but in the end, I'm glad I am.  The support has been great and I inspired two co-workers to join WW too.  Once of them lost five pounds her first week (ahh, to be in your early 20s again!) 

So, onward (and hopefully downward!)

Oh, and to the adorable little Halloween candy, all cute and scrumptiously don't tempt me!

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  1. WOO! Clearly I am all about posting on your blog today.