Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Power Of Positive Thinking

I've been an absentee blogger lately, I know.  Not that anyone is peeled to their computer anxiously awaiting my updates, but I feel bad none-the-less.  Never in my life have I been short of words but lately I haven't had much to say.  I guess I just wasn't inspired.  Not even the recent infant/children's Tylenol/Motrin recall or the news that certain sunscreens are actually increasing the risk of cancer did the trick to get me going on one of my tangents. 

My lack of inspiration could stem from the fact that I get a majority of my news from People magazine and the little screen in the elevator during the 42-second ride to my office.  Since the earthquake disaster in Haiti, I have pretty much sworn off watching or reading the news.  Not a great idea, I know.  But, I honestly cannot watch any more horribly depressing stories about bad things happening to good people.  The fact that Jesse cheated on Sandra is about all I can handle.

Or, it could be the fact that I'm pretty much a Weight Watchers drop out.  I have been really good about getting to the gym, but the 20 points of food a day, well, it was hard to make it last through lunch.

Or, perhaps its the fact that I've been working a ton trying to get a big project off the ground at work.  And, the one TV show my husband and I could agree on, Lost, ended for good and I heard that Michelle Duggar may be pregnant again.  Oh, and MDB has 102 fever and starting The Pill again has made me break out adolescent style.  Big sigh. 

So, to knock the debbie out of this downer, here are some of the good things going on in my life:

1.  I got to witness the Chicago Blackhawks clinch the conference title in a sweep to head to the Stanley Cup finals.  Very cool. 

2.  We had an amazing weekend in Michigan, seeing some of the hubbys family we haven't seen in a long time. 
3.  My kids are getting to the ages where they can play together -- safely.  I got 15 minutes to myself while they actually entertained each other.
4.  Lulu now has enough hair to use a bow.  She won't keep it in, but hey, I'm only focusing on the positives here!
5.  A long-time friend from my amazing WNBC-TV internship in college had her third beautiful baby boy and my favorite set of twins are now proud aunts to another set of twins. 
6.  I'm going to Las Vegas in 10 days and again in October.
7.  My cousin and her kids are coming in for the weekend!
8.  The new cleaning lady ROCKS!
9.  Yesterday, someone told me I looked skinny. 
10.  AND, I am truly blessed with the most amazing husband, kids, family, friends, co-workers and nanny!  In fact, all of these people bring a smile to my face just thinking about them!

I don't know, perhaps I'm on to something.  It actually didn't take much effort to think of all the amazing things going on in my life and how truly lucky I am.  Yeah, making this list made me feel better but it also kept me from couch time with Ben and Jerry.  Now that is some food for thought on the power of positive thinking!