Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ode To An Ankle

Its been a while, I know.  Excuses, catch up and updates coming soon...but the point of this post is to share this...

Last I checked, an ankle is NOT supposed to look like this. 

My poor brother slipped on some ice, dislocated and fractured his ankle and is in a brace and needs surgery.  It was so bad, he took an ambulance to the emergency room.  Poor guy -- two years ago he tore his Achilles (on the other foot!) and needed surgery on that too. 

It's his right foot, so he can't drive.  He has a very active and mobile almost-2-year-old at home.  And, a family trip to Florida was scheduled, that has to be rescheduled.

So this post is ode to my baby brother in the hopes that he feels better soon, has a plethora of pain meds coming his way and a quick and easy recovery. 

This post is also ode to his wife in the hopes the wine doesn't stop flowing!