Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Yesterday was my precious baby girl's second birthday.  After, gulp, missing her first birthday last year, I wanted her day to be special, to spend time with her and soak in all her amazing-ness.  I think we must have sung "Happy Birthday" 100 times (including all the times she sang it to herself (adorable)) and gave her no less than 100 kisses.  As a side bar, I think she knew it was a special day, lets just say, the Diva in her was full-blown!  I just pray the terrible two's didn't start on her actual birthday.

My hubby and I were reminiscing about the exact moment we learned she was a girl. Things were a little tense in the delivery room during those final moments and with the commotion, my doctor said "he" a few times.  Once I knew the baby was okay, I remember asking in my haze if it was, in fact, a boy.  I vaguely remember someone saying, "did anyone check?"  And, then...the words I wanted to hear so bad, yet never really expected was a girl.  A girl, my girl.  I burst into, pure joy. 

We were also thinking of those first weeks with her...colicy, was bad, very bad.  I vividly remember my precious SIL, 7 months pregnant at the time, sitting with my wailing baby girl on the toilet -- as only the bathroom fan would do -- for an hour, singing "You Are My Sunshine" over and over again, just so I could get some uninterrupted time to put MDB to bed, without hearing newborn screams downstairs.  I definitely owe her one when her THIRD baby is born in April!

Those first weeks with her couldn't be farther from who my little girl is today...just a breath of fresh air.  My daughter, this off-the-charts charming, super smart, beautiful, hilarious little girl...I don't even know where to start.  She is my joy, my love, my kindred spirit, all wrapped in the most adorable little package...with cheeks so kissable, they're hard to resist.  Her smile and those big blue eyes...they get me every time. 

She is girly, yet tough as nails.  She is easy going, yet opinionated about what matters most to her.  She is cuddly, yet independent.  She is inquisitive and curious, her hugs addictive, her smile contagious and her sense of humor makes you laugh out loud. 

Sometimes when I look at her, I still can't believe she is mine.  Oh, how I love this little big girl.  Happy birthday my love!

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