Thursday, November 5, 2009

To My Better Half

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.  Ok, so I know it isn't the BIGGEST milestone, but it is to us.  A lot has happened in four years, including the birth of our two beautiful kids, which has tested our love more than we could have imagined and solidified our love more than we could have imagined.  So, happy anniversary to my, absolutely, without question, better half.  Here is why I continue to love you more and more everyday:

10.  Your jokes, the ones I have been hearing since high school, still make me laugh.  While I might not let you see it all the time and act annoyed, you can always make me smile!
9.  You always seem to know the right thing to say to make me feel better or put things in perspective. 
8.  You are kind and loyal.  I know it and so do your legions of friends who would do anything for you.
7.  You watch TV on mute, even when I go to sleep at 8:15 p.m.  But, when I can't sleep and turn on the TV with the sound, you are ok with it (or at least pretend to be!)
6.  You love my parents and brother like your own.  And, you would do anything for your parents and brothers!  It is another example of your devotion to family and I couldn't ask for more.
5.  You work so hard to provide for our family.  I know I take it for granted, but I want you to know I appreciate all your efforts, including the dreaded budget.
4.  You like to spa, go on "do nothing," fancy vacations, gamble, go out to dinner (and order dessert), watch HGTV, bum on the couch for hours and do fun stuff with the kids -- all the things I love to do.  Ok, so you don't like shopping, but I can live with that!
3.  You don't sweat the small stuff and always think before you speak/act.  I admire this about you so much.
2.  There is NO better Dad in the world.  My heart fills with love when I think about you with our children.  Your devotion to our famliy is evident and amazing!  
1.  You put up with me...all of me.  I know that I don't always make life easy and worry about things you didn't even realize people worried about -- but never a day goes by that I question your love and devotion.

Happy anniversary to the best husband in the world!


  1. I'm sitting here with chills and tears. That was very moving Jenny

  2. That is the sweetest list of 10 ever, I am catching up on all of your blog posts to see what parenthood is all about...You and Alicia are so good at putting things into words...moving up to December now....

    Heather Joyce