Friday, March 18, 2011

Headed to the Loony Bin

Every once in a while, even I surprise myself.  And, I'm not talking about something good here, people.  Sometimes my neurosis (plural) even cause me to shake my own head in disbelief.

I realized that I have an issue with dolls.  Not all dolls, but this one specifically:

The thing looks so darn real and for some reason, I can't rest if I know "baby Harper" is face down, naked or in another position that would be uncomfortable or unsafe for a REAL baby.  It dawned on me tonight as I was ever-so-gingerly putting her diaper on straight, that I, without even realizing it, has a more-often-than-not tendency to put blankets on her before bed, make sure her clothes are on and buttoned, ensure she is not face down on the couch and other therapy-worthy things.

Step one, admitting your have a problem.  Step two...padded walls here I come.

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