Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chemical Warfare

Every once in a while, I talk about the wonderful Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families organization I think they're doing a great job spreading the word and garnering support to make our world safer from the onslaught of chemicals in our food, products, air, etc.  The more and more I learn, the more and more I am disgusted and outraged.

Through their Facebook page, I found the new The Mollyanna Approach blog.  The author, Katharine, is not a scientist or expert, but a mom, just like me.  I was literally grinning from ear-to-ear reading her posts, because she is writing words as if taking them from my brain.  She shared her weekly shopping list and how she navigates the grocery store to buy the healthiest and chemically-free food.  And, what really got me is how she had to have multiple sit downs with her hubby on why their grocery bills were off the charts.  Been there, done that.

I go through every moment of every day just wanting what is best for my kids and my family.  Sometimes I feel like my quest to rid my kids' lives of everything that could possibly have a negative impact on them is over the top and it's hard to strike the balance of letting them just be kids and protecting them.  But, I can't help it.  They are my kids and I won't stop trying. 

Sometimes I feel alone in my plight. My pediatrician does the best she can with the information she has, but doesn't really get it.  Others scoff, either reminding me that we grew up just fine or telling me I'm just not doing enough.  And, the information overload can be overwhelming (case in point...get the swine flu shot for the kids or don't?)

What I can do is spread the word about others like Katharine. The more people that are involved and demand change, the less chance we will have of being ignored in this battle!

So, thanks, Katharine, for making me feel okay about 1) taking 3 hours at Whole Foods reading EVERY label, 2) breaking out in a cold sweat when MDB eats Red Dye #40 off the birthday cake at parties, 3) spending extra money to buy a chemically-free mattress for the big boy bed and most of all, 4) being proud to be part of a growing movement that will stand up for our safety one BPA-phalate free product at a time!

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