Sunday, March 14, 2010

But, Why?

And, so it begins... 

Mommy:  MDB, no more yelling because I just put Lulu down for a nap.
MDB:  But, why?
Mommy:  Well, it would be hard for her to sleep if you are yelling.
MDB:  But, why is she sleeping?
Mommy:  Because she is tired.
MDB:  But, why?
Mommy:  Well, because she is a baby and babies get tired.
MDB:  But, why do babies get tired?
Mommy:  Because they grow so much and so fast, they need to rest a lot.
MDB:  But, why?
Mommy:  Well, she is learning so much, like how to walk and talk, and her little brain needs to take some naps so she is ready to learn more when she wakes up.
MDB:  But, Mommy, can I watch TV?

I guess, my answer was that good - or, he got bored of the conversation. 

A part of me has been waiting for the "But, Why" conversations to start.  My Dad was really good at this when I was a kid.  He always had an answer too all my questions and never seemed to tire of it.  In hind site, I am not sure what he was actually teaching me -- I believed for a VERY long time that The Flinstones actually lived in the quarry by our house -- but, hey, I have really fond memories of these conversations!  And, he is still my #1 call when I have a question (espcially political of nature) that Google can't answer.

So, in the end, as long as his questions aren't numbers/math-related...I look forward to his ever growing curiosity!  Bring on the "But, Why?"

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