Monday, February 22, 2010

Home Alone

I was home alone for exactly 51 hours and 11 minutes over the weekend when AB took the kids to his parents.  When I say home alone...I mean, no other living things in the house.  No dog, no kids and no husband.  No one else to take care of, but me!  The house was eerily quiet...I heard phantom baby cries and dog barks and it took me a few hours (and a glass of wine) to relax, unwind and truly understand that I didn't have to cram all the things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend in during a 2-hour nap window. 

I watched at least 10 hours of TV that I have been saving on the DVR, cleaned every nook and cranny of the house and did projects that have been on hold since the day M.D.B. was born.  I purged broken crayons and toys and made enough pureed veggies to last months.  I did a puzzle (yep, a grown up one) and studied for the HR exam I'm taking in May.  I lunched and Costcoed with a friend and went to girls dinner, without leaving the house sans my purse or half a blow dry.  I rolled over and went back to sleep when the clock read 7 a.m. and sang in the shower to my heart's desire.  The toys stayed put away and the kitchen stayed clean. 

At some point on Sunday, I said to myself, could I get used to this?  The answer was no.  I missed the chaos and the sounds of little footsteps.  I was cold in bed, without the hubby and pup.  I missed being needed.  I missed their little smells and sounds and going to bed at night knowing they are tucked warm in their beds.  I longed for hugs and kisses, for boo-boos to kiss.

So, yeah, a weekend to get stuff done and some peace and quiet was great.  But, there will be plenty of time for that later in life.  I woke up in such a good mood this morning because I realized my life -- with all its craziness -- is exactly as it should be and the way I want it!

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