Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Last weekend/this week was a hectic one.  Aside from finally getting to attend another birth (story to come, I promise it's worth the wait!) we had a family birthday party, final preparations for getting the house on the market (gulp!) and day-to-night pampering of all the Mom's in my life (me included!) for Mother's Day.

What am I trying to say?  This post is overdue and I know it.  But, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share with the world how truly blessed I am to have the most amazing mom in the entire world.  She is the glue, the peanut butter to my jelly, my best friend and role model all wrapped up into the most amazing mom, grandma and human being who ever graced the earth.  I wrote this for her 60th birthday last year and I wanted to share it with the world:

Thanks for...

...never, ever, ever giving up on me.
…loving my husband like one your own.
…always making sure I had something cute to wear and painstakingly helping me find the perfect one!
…never letting an opportunity for us to talk about something pass us by.
…showing such love and devotion to my children – not because you have to – but because you want to!
…helping me find my true self and leading (never forcing) me to find my better self.
…being generous beyond words.
…not sending me to boarding school.
…helping me see things in a different light, a gift you give me always, probably without even knowing it.
…helping my brother and I see the potential, growth and importance of each other.
…never allowing me to just take the easy road.
…always being the keeper of my secrets.
…loving me for who I am, but never failing to see my potential and helping me get there in a kind way.
…allowing me to see what true love looks like and teaching me the kind of wife I want to be.
…Tuesdays. My kids love it and I always look forward to coming home from work and having you there.
…always doing more than is expected or asked, like bringing dinner for my kids and stocking your house with the ever-growing and ever-changing me-approved products.
…letting me share your Miraval experience with you.
…taking my passions and making them your own.
…researching things that are on my mind to educate me or ease my concerns.
…giving me the vital tools for survival…from what to eat to cure all that ails to must-have beauty products to how to shop ‘til we drop.
…being okay with no bathroom breaks during shopping BUT always making time for lunch.
…having the remarkable stamina of a 19 year old.
…being a shining example of pure beauty on the inside and out.
…the best and most coveted hand me downs around!
…helping me overcome my many anxieties in a patient and kind way.
…being my role model.
…touching so many people’s lives, just by being you.
…teaching me that you can follow your dreams and be an amazing Mom too.
…and, mostly for giving me all the tools I need to be a great Mom. It’s easy, be just like you!

May this remind you of how loved you are by your family, friends and legions of patients whose lives you have bettered. You, my Mom, are my hero today and always! I love you!

But, here's the deal.  I hit the jackpot in the mom department...twice.  My MIL is, hands down, one of the most unbelievable, selfless, kind, sincere, hard working women I have ever met.  She has this hard-to-put-into-words calming effect on everyone she meets.  There is a sense of serene, just by having her presence in a room.  She loves her children and grandchildren to the depths of her soul and would gladly give the shirt off her back if it meant helping someone in need.  

I love her commitment to woman's rights, even if I don't religiously read the subscription to Ms magazine she gave me.  I love spending time with her in the kitchen talking about nothing and everything.  I love that she held my babies in her arms all night long, just so I could get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I love her stunning red hair and understand her disappointment over not getting a red headed grandchild - yet.  I love her ever-so-sweet demeanor yet ability to curse like a truck driver during anything competitive.  I love that she raised three boys who can all do their own laundry, cook, not freak out over a tampon and that simply adore each other.  I love that she ALWAYS takes my side.  I love that she isn't afraid to put me in my place, as I often lose my way.  I love that she doesn't roll her eyes when I freak out about sleeping arrangements or food for the kids, even though I know she wants to.  I love that she treats me like the daughter she never had.

Happy Mother's Day to the two women who guide me as a Mom and person each and everyday.  I love you!

And, happy, happy to all the Mom's out there.  I know the "official" day is over -- but I frankly think for all we do, is a week of celebrating too much to ask?

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