Thursday, April 12, 2012


My baby boy turned five today.  Five, as in starting Kindergarten in the fall.  Five, as in doesn't really call me Mommy anymore.  Five, as in can really go about his day without needing me all that much. Stop. Breath. Okay.

I marvel at this child - my child.  How did someone like me create this perfect, adorable, smart, thoughtful, mischievous, remarkable, loving and wise-beyond-his-years person?  And, with each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that my son is going to leave his mark on this world in some magical and amazing way.

So, to my darling on your 5th birthday,

You woke up this morning at 4:11.  Maybe down to the very moment, five years ago, that I began to feel those first signs of labor, three and a half weeks early.  Your sweet, sleepy-eyed face appeared at our door and a smile as big as the room filled your face the moment I wished you that very first "happy birthday."  This year you knew, you just knew a birthday was a very special day. You were so sweet as I was putting you to sleep last night, that feeling coming over you I so remember as a child -- just too excited to sleep for what you knew was to come.  Oh, I so love reliving those moments through you.

Each year I am surprised at how vividly I remember, like it was yesterday, the moment you were born.  I can still close my eyes and be transported to that day and place, all of the minute details still etched in my mind. It dawned on me today as I was thinking back, that I could see your curiosity with the world, trepidation, kindness and need-to-soak-it-all-in before reacting in your eyes almost instantly. Your big, blue eyes tell the exact same story today.

You, my love, have bettered my life and those who adore you, beyond your wildest imagination.  Your sweet, kind never ceases to amaze me when your little heart shows love, compassion and empathy more times than not.  And, your vivid imagination and curiosity for the world -- I know I say it all the time, but I can actually see your mind working through your eyes as you stop to process, take it all in and come up with the most thought provoking questions.

You are, hands down, the most unbelievable and amazing big brother.  You probably don't even notice it, but your sister's face literally lights up when you walk into the room.  She just downright adores and worships you.  You are always thinking about her, making sure she is never left out, sad, confused or missing out.  What a gift.  There isn't a luckier little girl on the planet.

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than seeing your dimpled cheeks when you break into your signature grin or hearing your contagious belly laugh.  I marvel at your kindness and understanding towards others and your passion for things you love.  You are a homebody, like your Mom, yet would drop anything for those tried and true things that you know, trust and love. You are a natural at board games and win more times than not, but to you that isn't nearly as important as making sure everyone else gets a turn to win too.  I love your memory -- sometimes I'm downright floored with the things you remember. I adore your sensitivity and applaud your ability to show and share your feelings when they get hurt but also your uncanny capacity to forgive and move on.

You, my darling, are becoming so fiercely independent.  But, thank you for continung to let me shower you with about a million hugs and kisses a day. 

I hope you know today and always how much your Dad, sister and I love and adore you. The happiest of birthdays to you.  Hugs, kisses and touches this night and all nights, always.


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