Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Birds and the Bees

MDB:  "Ashley (our amazing new nanny), can boys have babies in their tummy's?"
Ashley:  "No buddy, only girls can have babies."
MDB:  After a few minutes of silence..."Ashley, when I get bigger, I'm gonna marry you and put a baby in your belly."

Okay, then.

This, coupled with a weekend filled with nothing but talk about his girl Belle, from Beauty and the Beast...I guess my little boy is quite the heart breaker.  So stinkin' cute and so surreal and so frightening...all at the same time.  In reality, I'm not really scared to have "the talk."  We are nothing but open and honest about bodies and parts in our house...but he is only four for Pete's sake.  I have a feeling less is more for this one...and, well, that isn't always my strength. 

How old were your kids when you started talking about the birds and the bees?

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